'Every cake tells a story' .... said the ballerina to the frog, she didn't normally talk to frogs but was secretly hoping he'd magically turn into a knight in shining armour. Where's a wizard when you want one ?

Thank you for choosing to view The Good Luck Cakery website.

I specialise in making delicious cakes, including my popular rich, moist decadent chocolate cake, light and buttery vanilla cake, sweet juicy lemon and blueberry cake and moist apple cake. I make frostings with fresh lemons, strawberries, raspberries .... but the current favourite is my caramel frosting.

All flowers, figures, animals and everything on this website is handmade by me. 

I create cakes for ALL occasions, photos are in the gallery under these headings .... animal cakes, character cakes, cup cakes, flowery cakes, other cakes, people cakes, handbag cakes & wedding cakes.

I've given each of my cakes a name, just because I can, and have listed descriptions of each in the 'Cakes' section.

I've also shown the prices for each of these cakes to give you an idea of how much I charge. The prices I charge cover the cost of the ingredients and fairly reflect my time I spend creating the cake.

I bake, ice and decorate each cake with TLC and have to be 100% happy with them before they leave my kitchen. 

I can bake any cake and make any figure - challenge me !

P.S. You'll be pleased to know I've sorted my website so you CAN check out the prices on your mobile phones now !