'Every cake tells a story' .... said the ballerina to the frog, she didn't normally talk to frogs but was secretly hoping he'd magically turn into a knight in shining armour. Where's a wizard when you want one ?

Thank you for choosing to view The Good Luck Cakery website.
I create delicious cakes for ALL occasions.
I specialise in making delicious cakes, including my popular rich, moist decadent chocolate cake, sweet buttery vanilla cake, sweet juicy lemon and blueberry cake and moist apple cake. I make frostings with fresh lemons, strawberries, raspberries .... but the current favourite is my caramel frosting.
All flowers, figures, animals and everything on this website is handmade by me. 

HOME tab of the menu includes these headings ....
ABOUT ME just in case you're interested
PRICES of standard round cakes, tiered cakes and cupcakes
CONTACT shows where I'm based and how to get in touch
DELIVERY shows delivery information and prices

The PHOTO GALLERIES have these headings ....
CAKES all cakes that are not in any of the other galleries, so adults birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, congratulations cakes etc
BABY CAKES gender reveal cakes, baby shower cakes, christening cakes etc
KIDS' CAKES well they look like cakes for kids but some were actually created for adults !
WEDDING CAKES all wedding cakes
and small individual cakes
TIERED CAKES two and three tiered cakes, not including wedding cakes

I bake, ice and decorate each cake with TLC and have to be 100% happy with them before they leave my kitchen. 
I can bake any cake and make any figure - challenge me !